Saturday, October 2, 2010

"One Nation" Logo

A timely follow-up to yesterday's posting about flags: this sign for the "One Nation Working Together" March on DC. Today, October 2, 2010, marks the progressive, social justice answer to the Glenn Beck/FOX News rally that was in town a few weeks ago. Appropriately, the logo features a stylized American flag with the numeral "1" as the basis for a stylized "N" (for "nation").

(You can learn more about the march and the coalition of groups that make up the organization at this website).

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  1. Just thought I should point out that this flag looks a lot like the Orange Free State Flag: the national flag of an old Boer Republic established in Southern Africa on Feb 23 1854 & conquered by the British on May 31 1902 along with its neighbour the Transvaal Republic / ZAR. Both Boer Republics were annexed into the new macro State of South Africa on May 31 1910. The nominal Republic of South Africa was declared on May 31 1961. A second universal suffrage republic was declared on Dec 1993. Which led to the multi racial government taking power on May 10 1994 stemming from an election held on April 27 - 29 1994.

    The Boers are the descendents of the Trekboers who occupied the northeastern Cape frontier & moved away from the Cape Dutch [ Afrikaners ] during the 1700s. The Boers of the frontier undertook the Great Trek during the mid 19th cent despite the Afrikaner laying claim to that history as well as other heritage belonging to the Boer Nation. The Boers were overshadowed under the Afrikaner designation promoted by the politicians during the 20th cent as the Cape Dutch segment outnumbers the Boer segment.

    I wonder of this One Nation organization might change their flag considering that the Boer Republic flags have a reputation for being Rightist despite the fact that they are national flags of the Boer Nation. Though left & right labels often usurp & obscure authentic national self determination drives. Looks as though a Boer Republican motif is signaling itself in an odd place as a potent of future Boer self determination.