Friday, November 6, 2009

Canadian Fish, Wacky Address

Chinatown, Full Kee Restaurant. A few photos from dinner. Above, a mysterious reference to "Canadian fish" on the menu. The Chinese characters 鱈魚 mean "codfish," so I suppose this is actually Canadian cod? I can't judge the accuracy of the Vietnamese translation below the English, but it's interesting that "Canada" appears in that line as well.

Below, see the computer-generated bilingual receipt. Looks like the Chinese/English translations are accurate, but there are some problems in the address at the top.

Translation issues aside, this is definitely my favorite Chinese restaurant within DC proper.

P.S. If you're interested in what the actual food looked like, here's a photo:

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  1. I can't provide any insight on the translations here, but I'll agree with you on Full Kee - it's my favorite Chinese restaurant I've tried in the city. My friend was a disturbed by the hanging duck when we went, though. ;)