Saturday, March 20, 2010

Census 2010 Awareness Campaigns (Federal and DC)

For a while now US Census Bureau has been running a campaign to remind people to fill out their census forms. Above, a sign in Metro Center adopts the appearance of a handwritten census form: "When you answer 10 simple questions, you can help our community for the next 10 years."

Here, a similar sign in Spanish (McPherson Square metro stop). The message is slightly different, though: "Tómese 10 minutos para ayudar a nuestra comunidad durante los próximos 10 años" [take 10 minutes to help our community for the next 10 years].

Other ads are judiciously placed at bus stops (this one near Farragut North metro).

Here's a similar ad on a bus stop (somewhere along K Street, NW).

For more about the census, see the previous post.

P.S. [added April 28, 2010] The campaign to encourage DC census participation has its own posters as well. These posters (below) combine elements from the English and Spanish posters discussed above, compressing "10 questions, 10 minutes" into a single slogan. Eastern Market metro.

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