Monday, March 1, 2010

More Bilingual Signage (Canadian Embassy)

Some time ago I posted about bilingual inscriptions at the Canadian Embassy. I've been meaning to post something related to Canada or English/French bilingualism since the beginning of the Vancouver Winter Olympics but somehow I never got around to it...

Above, English and French banners encourage businesses to invest in Canada. The design of these posters is clearly in line with the Vancouver Olympics material (below).

Here's a screenshot of the top corner of the English and French versions of the official Vancouver Olympics website. Note that the slogans (English: "With glowing hearts" and French: "Des plus brillants exploits") are phrases from the English and French lyrics of the national anthem, "O Canada." The differences between the English and French versions of the song are intriguing as well.

Above, another sign I saw at the Canadian Embassy earlier today. Isn't calling the Secret Service to round up skateboarders just a bit hostile and unwelcoming? Seems very un-Canadian to me.

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