Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chinese in Civil War Teaser Ad

On the metro today, I saw this intriguing ad promoting an upcoming exhibit on the Civil War at that will go on display at the National Archives. The Chinese document pictured here certainly got my attention - I'll be curious to see what it's doing in the exhibit!

I can't make out everything in this text, but I do notice the words 大清 (Dà Qīng) at the top of a few of the lines, referring (I suppose) to the Great Qing Empire (last ruling dynasty of China). I guess this exhibit will reveal some connection between Qing China and the US Civil War?

For more on the upcoming "Discovering the Civil War" exhibit, see the official website (with teaser video).

P.S. (added September 2010) - Just noticed a new teaser ad on the metro:

It reads: "Emma or Frank? Women could not enlist, but hundreds of women served." Certainly an intriguing image and caption. Part II of the Civil War exhibit begins in November 2010.

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